Many club logos tend towards being overly complex, often because there is no experienced designer and the club wants to add in many unique elements into their design. My philosophy is the work ought to speak for itself. This logo was designed in probably 10 minutes, with the same goal as always: make something that could be hung on a wall, worn on a shirt, or seen on TV (or some video medium) and look professional.
As simple as it is, the Patriot Photo Club logo takes inspiration from some unique elements relating to photography, light, and of course, high school. The design is evokes the classic Eye Test Charts commonly employed by the school nurse or at an optometrist. The logo also evokes a box design, speaking to shape and form exercises, common in Art Class. 
These logos are shown on bright practical canvases — darkroom aprons and tote bags — that make up a solid dry goods repertoire for an aspiring artist.  
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