The Project was a Special Working Group commissioned by the McGill Office of Science and Society (OSS) to reimagine the influential office as it celebrated its 20th anniversary. 
The intent was to bring together the brightest, most imaginative student-teachers at McGill — Tomlinson Engagement Awardees for Mentoring (TEAM) — to participate in a weeklong workshop, facilitated by a trio of my faculty colleagues from the Colgate Galapagos Project. I was a notably unique addition to the workshop as I never served as a TEAM T.A. but came upon special recommendation. 
We were divided into small groups, each comprising a project team, and were tasked with working through the stages of design thinking, with complete access to the staff and resources of the OSS. 
My team was comprised of Shadi Hadj-Youssef, now a McCall-McBain doctoral scholar at Oxford, and Batu Kaya, a cognitive scientist and anthropologist.
Our presentation is below:
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